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AG Multi Wellness Group

Phone: (267) 334- 7778

About AG Multi Wellness Group / Alexander Gecht, L.M.T

At AG Multi Wellness Group, we strive for a functional approach to whole-body wellness to help you take proper care of your body and soul.  Our purpose is to provide professional, high quality services to local communities and beyond.  We take pride in offering a full range of holistic health services.  By becoming our client, you will join a professional, caring team of experts.  Our clients feel both respected and nurtured at AG Multi Wellness.

Alexander Gecht, the founder/owner of AG Multi Wellness Group, became interested in massage as a young boy.  A former professional athlete and a member of the National Team of Uzbekistan, Alexander learned firsthand the many benefits of massage.  He began studying different forms of massage when he was still under twenty years old.  Now Alexander brings his unique talent, professionalism and expertise to AG Multi Wellness Group to benefit his clients.  

If you are suffering from pain, looking for ways to improve posture or increase blood flow, feeling tension and want to decompress, give AG Multi Wellness Group a try. We offer our signature therapy, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, anti-cellulite therapy, reflexology and Thai yoga. If you are new to massage or alternative health therapies, schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits and find the therapy that is right for you.  We are always happy to help clients learn how massage and holistic therapies can most benefit your individual needs. 

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